Your wedding day is a whirlwind of excitement, adventure, and celebration. Between Zivania and all the wine, trying to remember this most precious moment can be well…hard. Pictures are amazing in that they show you that snapshot in time.  But video?!  Well, that’s a game-changer right there.  From your heartfelt vows that don’t leave a dry eye in the church, to the hilarious joke in your best man’s toast a wedding video can capture it all for you to relive over and over again.  That is why it’s so important to find the perfect videographer to film your wedding day.

You see, your videographer needs to understand you AND your partner.  They can’t just swoop in on the day of your wedding and hope they get the footage you like.  They have to understand what’s important to you both, and get the footage that will mean the most to you for years to come.  So, to help you I put together 5 things to help you find the perfect videographer.

1 | Ask to review some of the videographer’s more recent work.

I highly recommend reviewing at least one short and one long video from the videographer (or cinematographer) that you are considering.  This will allow you to get a feel for their directing and editing style as well as what to expect the final video to look like.  Videographers and cinematographers are artists and their eye and style develop over time.  So by reviewing their most recent work, you can make sure that what you are purchasing is still what you will receive.

2 | Ask how the cinematographer will capture the audio for your video.

A lot of times, people forget how important quality audio is to a successful film.  Ensuring that your cinematographer will be using high quality equipment will mean that every word of your vows, toasts, and more will be crystal clear.  Besides, you don’t want to hear every cough, sneeze or giggle in the middle of your “I do’s!”

3 | Find out what kind of camera equipment the videographer will be using.

There is a huge difference between a film shot by a traditional videographer and a modern cinematographer.  And besides the person’s individual directing and shooting style, the type of equipment is a distinguishing factor.  I go into more detail on the difference between these to filming styles in this blog post.

4 | What do they typically wear to your wedding?

This may seem a little silly to have to address, but it is extremely important.  The last thing you want is for a videographer to show up at your black tie wedding wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt. I mean, if you’re going for that beachy casual vibe, then by all means let them rock that t-shirt.  But if you’re going for a more sophisticated look, having this conversation up front will prevent any misunderstandings come wedding day.  

5 | How many weddings do they typically shoot per year?

You want your videographer to be amazing, naturally!  But you want a quality video that’s well edited and not mass produced.  I personally have found that any more than 30 weddings per year results in a cramp in my artistic abilities.  So I have capped out my wedding load to make sure every couple get’s a beautiful artistic high quality wedding film.

At the end of the day, hiring a wedding cinematographer to film your wedding day will be a gift for yourself for years to come.  I truly think it’s one of the best ways to remember your love, and rewatching your big days is a great anniversary tradition.  If you’re looking for a cinematographer to capture your Mediterranean destination wedding, I’d love to chat with you.  You can reach out for more information and availability here.