Today I am helping you find the answers you need to know before you commit to a videographer.  These questions are from which is a great source of information for all things weddings.  

1. How long have you been filming weddings? How many do you do per year? 

I have been a Cyprus Wedding Videographer (although I prefer cinematographer) for a year now.  I believe in putting my heart into only one story at a time and so I only take on 20-25 weddings per year.

2. Are there any other pros in the area you love to work with?

Yes!  Here are a few of the amazing professionals I love working with here in Cyprus;

Andreas Georgiou Photographer

Designer Splendid Events 

Kanela Mavri Zachari 

Ilona Garamvolgyi

3. How would you describe your style?

Human connection is just a beautiful thing and this is what has drawn me to wedding videography. Those genuine and subtle moments that are left unrecorded to simply pass by on your wedding day, which enthrall me. The quick glances at one another, that hand squeeze, the sparkles in the eyes and the lips that anticipate the first kiss of your loved one.  Those are what drive the story that is your love and that is what guides me when filming.

As far as the actual videography, I keep everything minimal (and a tad modern) and just leave your story to tell itself as authentic as it is.

4. What input do you want from us, and what do you prefer to have final say on?

I love it when my couples tell me their vision of their wedding videography prior to shooting. This gives me a starting point for their film.  I try my best to explain my approach and make adjustments to the final film in order to meet my client’s needs and expectations.

5. How does your pricing work? 

Every wedding couple is different and I like to learn your priorities prior to providing you options. 

6. Have you ever worked with my photographer?  

I work with many Cyprus Wedding photographers so chances are I have!  But even if I haven’t, I make sure to coordinate with the photographers and ensure we aren’t photo-bombing each other’s shots. ?

7. Have you shot at my ceremony or reception venue before?

I have shot many locations in cyprus, you can check out some previous destinations in my gallery.

8. Will you be shooting any other weddings the same day or weekend? 

I only like to tell one love story at a time, so when you book me to shoot your wedding, I am exclusively yours!

9. What does your camera and equipment look like?

I use the latest and greatest equipment that the world has to offer!  I use sony mirrorless cameras which are very light and compact which allow me to get some amazing shots of your wedding.

10. Will there be a second shooter, a stationary camera or any other backup cameras for our wedding? 

Absolutely!  My basic package includes myself and an assistant professional wedding videographer.

That being said, in the extremely unlikely event that neither my primary assistant nor I can be at your wedding, I have several trusted and vetted videographers on standby who will be there. Every person on the list  I have worked with in the past and they are excellent at what they do!  They have always delivered stunning footage of equivalent standard to my own. But don’t worry!  I will edit every minute of footage.


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