Hairstylists. Stationery designers. Videographers. Venue. Photographer. Make-up artists. There are so many vendors for you to think about for your wedding day. How about we make it just one step easier for you and tell you a little secret. There are videographer and photographer teams! And they are ideal for you to book together instead of getting separately. Isn’t that great?

So Many Benefits


Since we work together regularly and know exactly what our financial expenses are as a team, we can offer you the best prices. Instead of getting one price from your videographer and then another from your photographer, whose packages might even cover some of the same things, you get one price and know EXACTLY what you are getting together.

Team Work

One of the worst things about getting a photographer and videographer separately is that they won’t know how to work together. One might not know exactly where the other prefers to stand during the ceremony, how much movement the other is going to go through, or what moments the other finds critical to catch. Yes, they can communicate beforehand, but it’s even better to have that innate sense and be able to facilitate the best opportunities for the other as well as themselves.

Not only that, but we give our special couples a feeling of security because we have full control of the quality of our delivered products and they compliment each other perfectly.

Ease of Booking

We make this so easy for you! Instead of trying to fit two or more meetings in a day or in your schedule, we meet all together at once! Two for the timespan of one! Doens’t that sound like what you need?

We can discuss all of your details at the same time together and you don’t have to worry that you told something to your videographer that your photographer should have known as well, or vice versa.

And we offer an incentive. . .

Creative Cinema Projects can offer a better price to our couples if they want to both our cinematography AND photography team. Because we trust our team and we want to work with specific people we do our best to give a great advantage to our special couples to book us as a team!

Do you need much more convincing? Booking a videographer and photographer team is truly in your best interest. It saves you time, it’s easy, and you get the benefits of our team truly knowing each other, our product and our prices.


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