I consider it a great privilege to capture life’s most romantic moments on film. Catching the laugh of the groom with his groomsmen as he waits nervously to get married. Capturing the moment when a bride is finally all ready after hours of make-up, hairstyling, and having found the perfect dress and accessories. Chasing a couple through the church as they make their first grand exit married. These are the film scenes that I hate to go to waste. There are five moments in every wedding that I refuse to miss on video. 

1 | Getting Ready

Both the bride and groom getting ready are moments that need to be captured. I am able to catch authentic moments between them and their best friends and closest family members. A tear escaping a mother’s eye as she sees her daughter in her wedding gown. A jolly laugh between life long friends over an inside joke. It’s the best time to catch the members of the wedding party all being themselves and relaxed before put on show. 

2 | Zip the Bride’s Dress

The very last moment before a bride is completely done is the zip of her dress. It’s one of the most romantic and important moments to capture of a bride. Tears are shed during this moment regularly as I always recommend that the dress be zipped by an important family member. Such as a mother or a close sister.

Because of how powerful this moment can be, I give it a lot of attention in post production later to emphasize the emotions. It is one of my favorite scenes to capture.

3 | First Look

I always want my couple’s to do a first look. It is the sweetest moment when they see each other dressed in their finest for the first time that day. And it’s best to get the raw emotion, unhindered, away from an audience so that the couple can truly be themselves. This is the moment that all the emotions come naturally without any interruptions from guests or moving onto the next activity.

4 | Grand Exit from the Church

The moment that a couple gets to truly celebrate that they are now married. Going crazy in front of the big doors of the Church. In Greece and Cyprus, we have a tradition to throw rice at the couple.

Rice and grains symbolize fertility and prosperity. The wish was for the couple to have a family, and if your fields had a lot of grain growing in them, you were prosperous.

5 | First Dance

Another extremely important and emotional moment for the couple is their first dance. Once again, they get a moment to relax and focus on each other as the stress of the day melts away. They get to dance in the middle of the venue with so much love. While I have a second videographer also capture the emotions of their family, especially their mothers and fathers.

All of these moments describe the emotions of the day and are best caught on film. That way, any time in the future when you put on your wedding video, you are drawn directly into the day all over again.

Watch some of my favorite moments here.