How did you guys meet ?

We met at one coffeeshop where I (Alexandra) was working back in autumn 2011. Nicos wanted my phone number and a friend of his came to give me his phone number so I can call him. He was too shy to come by himself. Few days passed before I texted him and started to go out on dates 🙂

Why do you want me as a wedding videographer to capture your ktima Oneiron Wedding Video? How do you think you’ll feel watching everything back in years to come?

We want you to be our ktima Oneiron Wedding Videographer in order to document the best Scenes with pure emotions together with the party and people close to us.

Tell me about the proposal? (every detail)

Nicos was planning to propose on our 8th year anniversary and we booked Four Seasons Hotel in Cyprus. We got sick a few days before going to the hotel and I was not feeling at my best, therefore I kept changing our plans to go out for dinners. Finally he had to propose in the room, both of us wearing pajamas and without any proper arrangements before. It was simple and very emotional for us, he said a few nice words to me before and the moment he took the box out with the ring I just said yes without even seeing the ring 🙂 and finally he got me the ring I actually wanted!

When you’re not in full wedding mode, what do you guys do for a living? What makes you tick? How do spend your free time? What’s your ideal day?

We love traveling or just spending quality time together. We feel more than comfortable just being in the company of each other and we always have deep conversations. We are firstly best friends before lovers 🙂

Why did you choose the Ktima Oneiron wedding venue? What was special about it when you seen it for the first time?

I loved the nature and the romantic vibe that venue gave us when we saw it for the first time.

Tell me about your vision for the day itself. You can go in to as much detail as you like. Colour schemes, decor, food, atmosphere, the dress? What experience do you want to give your guests? Tell us everything and anything you like.

I wanted our day to express our pure happiness and emotions, and to show our love in the details. My wedding dress was purely me, feeling like the princess I always wanted to be on my wedding day.

Is there a honeymoon planned?

Yes! We will go end of November to Mexico, Tulum for 2 weeks.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time? (deep, I know)

Having a family and being happy and in love as the first day 🙂 I always think that being happy together is the key to be having a beautiful life. Everything material is just extra!


Photographer – Andria Elia

Cinematographer – George Panagiotakis

Venue – Ktima Oneiron